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Kite vs. TabNine

Built for Python, Kite is the autocomplete of choice for Python professionals.

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Here's why 50,000 Python pros choose Kite

1Write code faster with automated code snippets.

TabNine: Single-token completion
TabNine in Atom requests.p completion screenshot
Kite: Intelligent Snippets

2Get Python-specific completions.

TabNine: Returns a Java library
TabNine in Atom req completion is wrong screenshot
Kite: Returns the correct Python library
Kite in Atom req completion screenshot

3Save your computer's memory.

TabNine memory for a 10-line project
TabNine High Memory Usage
Kite memory for a 10-line project
Kite low Memory Usage

Kite is free to use.

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Kite plugs into your favorite code editors

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Get the most out of your autocomplete tool

TabNine Kite
Intelligent Snippets No Yes, provides snippets as you type
Memory usage High Low
Latency High Lowest
Interactive documentation tool No Yes, Kite Copilot desktop app
Line-of-Code completions Yes Yes
Ranked completions Yes Yes

Kite runs locally.
Your code is private.

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Kite is more than just an autocomplete plugin

Check out the Kite Copilot app

  • Kite gives you 100,000 docs at the click of a keyboard
    shortcut while you’re coding

More detail across more docs

  • Get the top attributes for types
  • See function signatures and example call patterns
  • Find all the top members for modules

How Others Used This

  • Browse hints based on how other professionals have
Kite Copilot sqlalchemy doc page screenshot
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Kite Basics

Supported Languages

  • Python
  • JavaScript

Supported OS

  • macOS 10.10 and higher
  • Windows 7 and higher
  • Linux 64-bit x86 systems

The smartest autocomplete for Python

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“I really love the line-of-code completions in the new”

Guido van Rossum - Python's creator.

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