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Kite Now Integrates with Jupyter

Kite Now Integrates with Jupyter

Today, Kite launches an integration for Jupyter notebooks. Data scientists using JLab can now code faster & smarter with Kite.

Adam Smith
By Adam Smith, Founder
August 4, 2020

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Kite is an AI-Powered Coding Assistant for Python and JavaScript
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Kite is an AI-powered coding assistant that helps programmers code faster in Python and JavaScript with Multi-Line Completions.

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Kite is automating away the repetitive parts of writing code so software developers can focus on programming. Similar to Smart Compose for Gmail, Kite’s Multi-Line Completions feature uses deep learning to save developers time. Kite’s Intelligent Snippets allow developers to complete complex, multi-token statements without copy-pasting from a web search or existing codebase. Backed by Trinity Ventures and the founders of Dropbox, PayPal & Twitch, Kite has raised $17 million to build the future of programming.

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