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Privacy Policy

Effective as of April 2, 2019

This document describes the information that we (“Kite”) collect when you interact with our services, which include the website, the Kite Engine, our editor integrations, and other software that we develop (our “services”).

Information We Collect

When you use our services, we may collect the following usage data on how you interact with our services:
  • Which editors you are using Kite with.
  • Number of requests that the Kite Engine has handled for you.
  • How often you use specific Kite features, such as how many completions from Kite you used.
  • Size of codebases that you work with based on number of files in the codebase.
  • Names of third party Python packages that you use.
  • CPU and RAM usage of the Kite Engine.
Also included in the usage data is the following non-identifying information about your Git projects (Non-identifying means that this data is anonymized in such a way that it cannot be used to tie the information to any specific individual or organization):
  • Number of Git projects you work with.
  • Number of collaborators in the Git projects you work with.
  • Number of requests which orignated from a Git project that the Kite Engine has handled for you.
You may opt out of sending usage data by changing a Kite Engine setting. In addition to the usage data, we may also collect the following types of information, which you cannot opt out of:
  • Information about yourself that you voluntarily provide to us such as your name, email address and other contact information.
  • Information provided to us by cookies and related technologies such as pixel tags. We may use these technologies to provide and promote our services.
  • Anonymized pings that contain no metadata – These pings serve as “heartbeats” to indicate whether or not our services are functioning properly.
  • Error reports provided by third party services such as Rollbar and Crashlytics.

What We Use Your Information For

We use the information collected for purposes including:
  • Understanding how and in what environments our users use our services.
  • Improving our services to provide a better experience for our users.
  • Periodically contacting you about updates to our services.
  • Promoting and marketing our services.

Who We Share Your Information With

We do not share the information collected with anyone outside of yourself. This means that we do not share your information with advertisers, other Kite users or any other third parties that may be interested in your data.


We take careful technical measures to ensure that your information is secure and inaccessible to unauthorized parties. We also continuously work on new features to improve security.


We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. If there is a change that will impact you in a material way, we will notify you.

Contact Us

If you have concerns with the information we collect, contact us at