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Maximum Productivity for Python Professionals

Supercharge your productivity with Kite's new deep learning models. Python developers using Kite Pro report on average 18% more efficient coding sessions.

What you get with Python Pro

Experience longer and smarter completions for Python, generated by deep learning

Multi-Line Completions

Completions that insert multiple lines of boilerplate code for you.

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Intelligent Snippets

Write code faster by tabbing through code snippets that Kite recommends based on variables you’ve defined in your codebase.

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Line-of-Code Completions

Expect blazing fast completions for Python ranked by statistical models trained on over 20 million open-source files.

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Kite saves you time and money

Having the right tool for coding matters. A powerful autocomplete should be at the top of that list.

Users tell us they are, on average, 18% more productive using Kite

0%25%50% 75%100%
0%25%50% 75%100%

The typical developer salary in the United States is $.

Return on investment
  • Every month Kite Pro saves you hours, or $ of productivity. That’s a x return on investment for your purchase.
  • Kite is the AI-powered coding assistant that helps you code smarter and faster.
  • Without Kite the average developer searches for code and docs on Google 28 times per day.

Return on Investment = Salary × Percentage of Time Coding × Productivity Boost ÷ Cost of Kite Pro

How does Kite keep my data safe?

  • Who controls my data?

    Kite does not send your code to the cloud, or any byproducts of your code like computed code indices. We’ve poured hundreds of hours into optimizing our deep learning models to run 100% locally on your machine so you have peace of mind.
  • Is my data safe?

    Yes. We believe in data privacy and control. We offer the option to opt out of usage metrics that we use to improve Kite’s features, resource optimization, and overall reliability.

Side-by-Side Plan Comparison



    Python Pro

  • Completions ranked by relevance

  • Local code processing

  • Line-of-Code Completions for 15 languages

  • Python Line-of-Code Completions generated by deep learning

  • Intelligent Snippets

  • Import alias completions

  • Dictionary key completions

  • Premium support

  • Other features included in Pro
  • One-click Documentation (Kite Copilot) Hover tooltips Function signatures Use behind proxy
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