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We did the heavy lifting to write up the business case for Kite Pro so it sails through your company’s expense approval process.


  • Kite brings me joy and I want to use Kite Pro at work.
  • Kite costs $16.60 per month. My estimated productivity gains from Kite Pro can deliver a  ROI from the purchase.
  • A quarter-million developers are already using Kite to write better code faster.
  • Kite is secure and private desktop software, just like an IDE.

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Hi, quick question: I’ve been using Kite ( for code completions in Python. My trial for Kite Pro is running out and I’d like to keep using it. It’s $16.60 per month.

Kite has been around for a few years now and is used by 250,000 Python devs. It saves me time and is much better than the completions in my editor. It uses deep learning models trained on millions of open source code files to generate really accurate completions. Sometimes Kite even completes multiple lines of code at a time! It’s really cool to see.

I checked into security—Kite runs locally on my computer like an IDE, so our company’s code stays private and secure.

I estimate that I will save about 20 hours each month by using Kite, which means the company will receive a  ROI on this tooling investment. Is it okay to expense this?

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Subject: Subscription for Python autocomplete

Hi _(awesome_boss)_,

I’m writing to request approval for a subscription to Kite Pro , an autocomplete engine for Python powered by deep learning. I’ve been using the Kite trial for a few weeks and it has quickly become a coding tool I can’t live without. Their deep learning models trained on open source code make the completions very accurate and smart. Sometimes Kite completes multiple lines of code for me with just a keystroke. It’s an amazing piece of technology and apparently there are 250,000 Python devs using Kite every month.

Kite gives me a significant productivity boost while I’m coding since it helps me concentrate on programming rather than typing. There’s an annual ($200/year) and monthly ($20/month) option and I can upgrade using a credit card. I estimate that I save about 20 hours each month by using Kite, which means the company will receive a ROI on this tooling investment.

I looked into privacy and security before I started using Kite and it’s desktop software that runs locally, like a normal IDE, so our company’s code stays completely secure.

Would the company be able to provide this tool for me?

Thank you for your consideration.

Kite saves you time and money

Having the right tool for coding matters. A powerful autocomplete should be at the top of that list.

Users tell us they are, on average, 18% more productive using Kite

0%25%50% 75%100%
0%25%50% 75%100%

The typical developer salary in the United States is $.

Return on investment
  • Every month Kite saves you hours, or $ of productivity. That’s a x return on investment for your purchase of Kite Pro.
  • Kite is the AI powered coding assistant that helps you code smarter and faster.
  • Without Kite the average developer searches for code and docs on Google 28 times per day.

Return on investment = Salary × Percentage of Time Coding × Productivity Boost ÷ Cost of Kite Pro

“I really love the line-of-code completions in the new”
Guido van Rossum - Python's creator.